Forney Rutledge Daugette IV

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ØDeVry University graduate offering a strong academic background in IT combined with programming skills in various languages.

ØQuickly learn and master new technology; equally successful in both team and self-directed settings; and proficient in a range of computer systems, languages, tools and testing methodologies



DeVry University Tinley Park, IL                                                      Degree completed 06/12

B.S. in Game and Simulation Programming


Employment History


Preferred Communication Systems                                                 Tinley Park, IL

Remote Helpdesk                                                                              Indianapolis, IN
Help Desk Technician            (L1/L2)                                             April 2010-Present

òLevel 1 and 2 and sometimes 3 Helpdesk Issues on different server and computer environments

òUsed excellent people skills to work to correct problems and implement new systems

òDocumented any and all changes made on systems, followed SLA and procedural directions, and participated in the 24x7 On Call rotations.

òWorked remotely from my home in Indianapolis (04/12-present), using system and firewall provided by PCSI to connect to office for files and IP phone. Had regular check-ins with supervisor, continued working without supervision under the guidelines provided by bosses. Level of customer satisfaction increased during this time.


Best Buy #1066                                                                                 Tinley Park, IL

Best Buy #1094                                                                                 Carmel, IN

Sales Representative - Media                                                            Sep 2007-Oct 2009

òUsed excellent people skills to assist customers in finding what they needed, recognized multiple times for outstanding customer service.

Technical Skills

Core Skills                 

Object-Oriented Programming ◊ Mod & Level Design ◊ 3D modeling and texturing  

Languages & APIs

C++ ◊ Python ◊ Visual Basic ◊ HTML ◊ JavaScript ◊ OpenGL ◊ SFML            

Game Engines                       

Unreal Development Kit ◊ Unreal Engine


3DS Max ◊ Photoshop ◊ Visual Studio ◊ Visio

Microsoft Exchange ◊ ShadowProtect ◊ Symantec Backup Exec/Endpoint Protection/Antivirus ◊ Vipre AntiVirus


Mac OS ◊ Linux ◊ Windows 95/98/2000/.NET/XP/Vista/7 ◊ Server 2000/2003/2008

Android ◊ iOS ◊ Blackberry ◊ VMWare



Honors and Awards

DeMolay Chevalier - Highest honor for distinguished DeMolay service that can be awarded to a DeMolay

Past Master Councilor – Awarded for leading a DeMolay chapter as the elected Master Councilor

Beta Testing (Gaming)

Lord of the Rings Online Beta for Free-to-Play Transition

            †Beta tester after playing subscription game for 3 months, Character name-Elrebrin

            †Discovered 5 bugs, posted multiple thoughts and ideas on the beta forums

Star Wars: The Old Republic

            † Beta Tester from October to Release, Character name Elrebrin

            † Discovered well over 50 bugs, graphical, collision, or otherwise




The Xtreme Pulse                                                                              December 2012-Present

Contributing writer

 òContributed articles, news updates, and game reviews to

 òCompleted 5+ news pieces a week and 1+ game review or feature article a month

 òDid the programming for a game developed by the whole staff (only programmer)